Assessment matters. It’s a critical launching pad for progress—for students, educators, institutions, and the communities we support. At Pacific Metrics, an ACT assessment technology company, our focus is on innovation. We make program planning, development, delivery, and validity continually better for every stakeholder.  With the changing educational landscape and advances in technology, our clients count on us to help them navigate today’s and tomorrow’s challenges successfully.


Products and Solutions

Our products solve problems. From test development to scoring, high stakes to formative assessment, our products address our clients’ priorities for validity, efficiency, and optimal productivity.

ORCA Development

Streamline item and test development. Manage distributed teams of item writers, reviewers, approvers, and the content they create by using this powerful web-based system.

ORCA Secure

Address the challenge of secure delivery with this proven, state-of-the-art solution designed to deploy online tests to large populations of test-takers.

ORCA Classroom

Make it easier to create, schedule, and manage informative classroom assessments with this powerful web-based solution.


Score virtually any type of constructed response test item in seconds with this fast, accurate, and affordable automated scoring engine.


Deliver immediate writing feedback based on the 6 traits writing model with this user-friendly tool built to leverage our innovations in automated essay scoring.

Custom Solutions

Use the power of our advanced platforms to develop testing programs that will meet and even exceed your goals for reliability, security, and performance.


Our services create opportunity. You, as our client, rely on the insight and expertise of our teams and the performance of our products. We view you as a partner and collaborate with you to enhance your existing assessment programs and to chart a bold new course forward.

Expert Research and Psychometric Services

Our team of nationally recognized psychometric and research experts will collaborate on your assessment program from blue print to item analysis based on rigorous academic and operational standards.

Assessment Engineering and Technology Consulting

We help you navigate an increasingly complex technology-driven environment. You can rely on our leading technologists to analyze your needs and guide you to robust, innovative solutions.

Item and Test Publishing Services

Our content and item development professionals will leverage industry best practices to help you address assessment challenges, using new and emerging item types.

Permissions Services

You will save time and money and reduce risk exposure using our new comprehensive copyright permission services, which include compliance assurance for client materials.

Program Management and Support

Our proactive, client-centered approach is based on industry-accepted best practices to ensure successful project completion and strong, sustained client partnerships.

Who We Serve

Our clients are respected assessment and instructional leaders, innovators, and practitioners.

A partial list of the customers we serve includes:

  • State Education Departments throughout the U.S.
  • Professional Assessment Organizations and Associations
  • U.S. Federal and International Government Agencies
  • U.S. and Global Commercial and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Instructional, Publishing, and Assessment Companies

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